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The only way to identify the official owners of a property is to perform a title search.

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Did you know that the only way to identify the official owners of a property is to perform a title search? Our main goal is to provide you with accurate information regarding the land and buildings on which you’re working as quickly as possible. That way, you can assert your rights to a legal hypothec.

On the same day you submit your request, we will check multiple sources, governmental and institutionnal, for any changes in the property title.

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Unlike contractors and municipal departments, RTL’s title search service ensures you have the most recent information in the register.

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The keys to declaring your work

A title search identifies the official owners of the property and their mailing addresses, as well as details regarding the most recent transaction recorded (seller, sale price, etc.).

Critical details for the construction industry

The search also identifies any published hypothecary liens (including legal hypothecs) the lot numbers (cadastres) for the property where you are working.

Other important related services

We can produce a search certificate (allowing you to determine whether any legal hypothecs have been published on each lot), perform title examinations (going back as far as 1875) and verify corporate names.


To be entitled to a legal hypothec, you must declare your work to the correct owner(s). The only way to be sure you have the correct owner is to carry out a title search. The two tools shown opposite are the perfect complement to a title search.

"Declaration of contract" brochure

This is a complete reference tool in English and French regarding contract declaration, legal hypothecs and articles from the Civil Code of Quebec pertaining to contract declaration.

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Sample declaration letter

RTL is pleased to provide a sample contract declaration letter. It can be delivered by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt or by bailiff.

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Accurate information, fast

You will have your search results within 24 hours (or even within an hour, if it’s urgent).

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